Lean Bodybuilder Version 2.0 Maxis Skintones

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2009 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 29th Mar 2009 at 4:43 AM - update text
This is a set of skintones linked to the new Lean Bodybuilder mesh, with Marvine's feet. They are exactly the same as the default Maxis skintones, except that adult males that are neither fat nor fit will appear the same as “fit” males.

This is a skintone, so the new bodyshape will only appear when sims are nude (e.g., when in the shower), in contrast to nude clothing, which is simply a blank recolor of the mesh. It will not affect existing clothing meshes. In order to have your sim appear as a bodybuilder while clothed, you will need clothing adapted to the mesh (see links below).

Included in the rar are the maxis skins linked to the Lean Bodybuilder version 2.0. You will need the mesh, which I have included separately (thanks to Kielen and SynapticSim for allowing redistribution). I apologize for the large file sizes, but I was unable to shrink them further.

Note: I am currently testing a way to link the textures directly to the Maxis textures, in order to shrink the file size. Based on current experiments, the smaller files will link directly to the Maxis textures OR to any default replacements of Maxis textures. These files currently below, which contain what is essentially a duplicate of the Maxis textures (explaining the large size), will look the same no matter what default replacements you have.

Redistribution - the skins are a composition of multiple works, so please follow the individual creators’ policies (see credits for links).

More Links:
Lean Bodybuilder V 2.0 clothing @ kieda.net
Lean Bodybuilder V 2.0 @ SynapticSim’s Lair

Marvine, SynapticSim - for bringing us this wonderful new bodyshape!
Kielen - providing the meshes
Myos @ SimArtistsUnion - for the pictured hair - Male hair #26
Theos - for making the Color Binning Tool and a simple tutorial that enabled me to make these skins