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Chamomile Country Farmhouse

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2009 at 1:02 AM
Chamomile Country Farmhouse

This is a very old build- at least over a year. Long before I new the pleasures (and frustrations) of custom content. So, surprisingly, this has none. I built it for one of my artist sims, my simself actually. I thought to myself where would I like me to live. The architecture had to fit the neighborhood. I didn't want the Pleasantville City Council in a dispute with me over what's good architecture. After all what do they know? They're Sims!

Since this time I've taken a bend toward more modern, European builds, but this was a refreshing view for me. I loaded it up and revamped it a bit.

The amenities are:

3 bedrooms
3.5 bathrooms
Kitchen w/ Breakfast Nook
Dining Room
Artist Studio

The artist studio is a bit unfinished, but one side is decorated for portraiture. There is even an outside artist space for your sim to do some "Plein air" painting. And the two children's bedrooms are unfurnished (so go crazy). My Simself never saw the point since he bought it when he and his spouse had no children.

Again, no Custom Content (wow, that still amazes me =p)

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 178,341

Additional Credits:
-I'm still going to thank all the creators of Custom Content even though this lot has none.
-MTS2 for allowing a place to share my work