"Fantasy" Perfume

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Uploaded: 7th May 2009 at 11:47 PM
Hi everyone,

I bring new perfume for your sims, you will need nightlife for this to work in your game.

This is not just a decrotive object, it can be used like a normal perfume

Britney Spears Perfumes

Fantasy - Fragrances of kiwi, white chocolate, musk and jasmine

Midnight Fantasy - Fragrances of Black cherry,musk,vanilla and plum

Hidden Fantasy - Fragrances of vanilla bean and orange

Extra info:
price :$80
Can be placed on tables, side tables and benches
Can be placed in your sims inventory
You can locate it under Objects...Decrotive...Scluptures
I could not make recolours of this so each package file contains its own mesh, but its the same mesh for each perfume so the poly counts will be the same.

Polygon Counts:
ros-sims_fantasyperfume_mesh.package: 1372

Additional Credits:
Britney spears model by -@stefan
Makeup by Bruno
Dress by Justsims http://www.justsims2.ru/
Hair by Helgasims (free) - closed