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Simlish Gas Stations (new or grungy) plus metal siding garagedoors

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2009 at 3:22 PM
Updated: 5th Apr 2012 at 3:09 PM - alternative download links for meshes
Hello! =)
Nice to see all that grungy stuff recently, I think my work will fit in nicely:
I recolored the gas station by Sims Design Avenue to have several brands.

I made two versions of each, you can choose new and shiny or old and grungy (great for flashbacks in stories). Everything is simified, I mean REALLY everything, even the two lines inside the pump you can hardly read. Pennzoil and Texaco are based on the real logos of course, the third (United Minerals) I made up myself.
I planned on doing three more themes (blue, green and black) but I'm too busy to finish these anytime near, so I split it up into parts. Have fun with part I!

(I assumed the signs as painted wood, so they're not rusty but "rain washed".)

Since Sims Design Avenue appears to be closed here's an alternative download for the three objects I recolored: SDA Gas Station (mediafire)

You might also want their tow truck (alternative mediafire download) to go with this. (I already had grungy recolors for that but just realized they're not by SDA. Ha! I already found them: grungy tow truck by drewshine (insimenator), thanks )

As a bonus my gas stations come with a set of metal siding garagedoors in blue, light blue, black, steel and rust (picture is attached below), using the stock maxis door. There's a slight distortion around the windows area (although I used the black windowless recolor as base and it's all straight on the template) but I hope you like it anyway.

All files compressorized!

I may clarify this is not a lot, it's just the decorative items.

Thanks to:
Sims Design Avenue for their cool set!
SIMale for his simlish fonts!
all the SimPE people!
I forgot, sorry, also thanks to jfade for the Compressorizer!

Additional Credits:
Adele (windows and door)
Fresh-Prince (Plymouth Sport Fury) and ElCamino (junker recolor)
Vovillia and F-P (Chevy Impala, junker clone by me)