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"Backwater Road Series" - Morningwood Lodge

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2009 at 4:41 AM
"Backwater Road Series"
This is a small series of houses I'm working on for TS3 that are primary wood cabin type structures, usually surrounded by trees and water.. kind of like mini lakehouses or cabins up in the mountains if you will.

Morningwood Lodge
Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up, in the morning, and see wood.. all around you? Well now your deepest forestry dreams have come true!

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms (one full, one sink / toilet / shower)
Kitchen / dining room
Livingroom area
Deck with BBQ grill facilities

Side notes
While this isn't my first build project, it is my first actual upload to the MTS network. I'd toyed with the idea of uploading TS2 lots a number of times but never worked up the courage to actually do so, hopefully though this one will work out well and I'll upload a couple more in the "Backwater Road" series that I'm working on now.

I've tested it some and the only issue I found was with the the paper boy, he ran into the bushes near the front door and hid the newspaper! That was fixed prior to upload (I believe) with some fence, but if it's not or there are any other bugs or issues please let me know and I'll try to correct them as promptly as possible.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: $37,080 (F) / $26,820 (Unf)