4 Stone and Stucco Blvd - 4BR, 2BATH

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Horay. I am over halfway in the Stone and Stucco Blvd Set and as such, I present to you a special home. It is number 4 in the project and I decided to do something different to what I have done in the past 3 homes. This home is only one story, but it is massive, with four bedrooms. I present 4 Stone and Stucco Blvd.

The Tour

The grounds are fully landscaped and gardened. There is a giant pool, a turning driveway and even a kids area with a sandpit. For the ammount of flowers and things in the garden, I suggest that you hire a Gardener.

Moving inside, you will notice how completely decorated the home is. From the front entrance, there is a door to enter the study which has a wonderful theme of red and grey-blue. Pass through the next door to come out into the Living, Dining and Entertainment spaces. They are all richly decorated but in a way that still leaves you with tonnes of space. To the left of the dining space is the huge kitchen which includes stainless steel counters and appliances. Next, go up the hallway to see the 4 bedrooms.

First is the beautiful Master suite that is decorated in a very cool purply colour. The ensuite is matching to the master with hints of purple and light pink(Im a guy and I used pink). Next is the nursery. It is my first time doing a nursery so be gentle. I might have gone overboard with the bright quilt-like wallpaper, but I love it. Next is a boy-child bedroom. It is decorated in space ships and stars. Once again, may have gone overboard with wallpaper. Finally is the guest bedroom. It has a double bed and is lightly decorated with roses.

There is a bathroom at the end of the hallway and there is also 2 car spaces in the garage as well as 1 bike rack.

Thanks for reading, downloading, thanking and commenting in advance.

Where to Put

This lot is designed to go on 2500 Pinochle Point

The Specifics

Cost Furnished: 167,823 Simoleons
Cost Unfurnished: 64,699 Simoleons
Lot Size: 40x40
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Pool: Yes
Carspaces: 2 and 1 bike
Other Features: Sandpit, adjoined double garage, only one story, massive kitchen,
Room for Renovations: Some
Playtested: Yes, for 1 sim day

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 167,823

Additional Credits:
For the second time, I want to thank my auntie who helped me alot. I also want to thank Rapsheba555 for being the only one who responded to my post with constructive criticism.