Plant Eggs, Cheese, Steak, and Burgers without doing the opportunity. - Update 11/22/10

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2009 at 10:21 PM
Updated: 22nd Nov 2010 at 5:40 PM
Update 11/22/10
This mod is now sure to work with newest patches. Download version 112210 to work.

This simple mod will all you to plant the special plants without doing the opportunities (omni plant not included). Your sims will still need level 7 gardening to plant them.

This mod is not compatable to other mods that modifies plants including the More Harvestable and Longer Life Plant Mod. The exact instance value is 0xD9C59893373DEB17

Please Enjoy.

~~~~~~~~~~ Making this mod and the Cooking and Ingredient Overhaul Mod Compatable ~~~~~~~~~~

To make the two mods compatible you first need the S3PE by Peter L. Jones and the extra file (which is the XML file) attached to this thread. Be sure to extract the XML file and DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING OF IT

  1. Open the S3PE
  2. Hit File-Open and Locate the Cooking and Ingredient Overhaul Mod
  3. Once opened, hit File-Import and locate the XML file that you downloaded from this thread.
  4. Don't change anything, and hit OK
  5. Save the file (Hit File - Save)
  6. Exit S3PE
  7. Make Sure that the saved Cooking and Ingredient Overhaul Mod File is in the proper place for mods to be.
  8. Run the game and be able to plant all the things you want

If you make the files compatable this way you no longer need my Mod package but it will be inside Cooking and Ingredient Overhaul package.