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Mansion Gigantique - Style and Luxury!

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2009 at 5:28 PM
Updated: 6th Oct 2009 at 12:47 AM - Changes Required by the MTS Team
Hi, everyone. This is my first upload and there may be more, because I just learned how to upload. One day I was browsing Sims 3 lots here and I got inspired. Then I decided to build this huge mansion. It took me much time and much effort to make everything perfect, so I hope you`ll appreciate it.

I created every separate room to have two or three colours, wich are visible in every piece of furniture, flooring or wall texture.

The Ballroom is the masterpiece in the whole mansion - it`s very big and it contents gold and marble. It took me much time to create the perfect combination for the carpets and the furniture. There`s a big amount of chandeliers and wall lamps, that`s because it need much light to shine.

The Parlour didn`t turn out so well, but the whole of it is coloured in blue. It looks very cozy because of the fireplace.

The Dining Room is very good, I think. I designed it tobe be very bright. The colour there is mostly yellow.

The Great Bathroom contains a pool too. I put the bathtub in a room surrounded by arches, because the room must look opened and the sims could take a bath but not being disturbed by others at the time.

The Office is just a simple room with a desk and some chairs. But the texture is all in dark red - it looks fascinating. But the room actually has no function, but you can put a computer on the desk.

The Library has the function of a media room too. I put a computer there and a plenty of bookshelves and a plenty of sitting pieces of furniture. But there is no stereo. The whole room is in green - it looks a bit like a garden.

The Master Bedroom looks very grand with it`s imposing colours and the bathroom there is designed very well. (I must confess that I saw the idea of it here in the site.)

Another big bedroom is the one against the Master one. It`s in green and white.

The general number of bedrooms is six. Each and every one of it has it`s own seperate bathroom. I already mentioned two of the bedrooms - the other four are in dark red - they`re almost the same.

There`s nothing much to say about the yard - it has many trees, a pond, and some stone benches.

The garage is very long, so it looks a bit strange. I forgot to build it in the beginning, so I was forced to stick it in the front right angle of the lot. Nevertheless, it has space for four cars.

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price: Furnished: 798, 751 Unfurnished: 335, 010

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to alexsiasi and his creation - Dynasty - http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=352114 I was very inspired of it. And another aspiration was the famous mansion - The Breakers.

And of course special thanks to the downloaders.