Truly Bald Hair (Both Genders, Almost All Ages!)

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2009 at 11:15 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2009 at 3:40 PM
The anti-hair...

Despite having several "buzz cut" type hairs in the game, TS3 didn't have any truly bald hair except for toddlers. While you could simulate it by changing all the hair colours to the same as the skin, this would result in children with flesh-coloured hair. Not an ideal solution.

So at Pescado's request, I whipped up this super simple anti-hair. Just bald. No stubble, no fuzz, nothing - just a smooth hairless head.

Updated 23 July 09:

Fixed an error with the hair disappearing when sims were naked. Please redownload and allow the new file to overwrite the one in your Mods\Packages folder.

  • Truly custom hair - not a replacement! This will show up as a new item in CAS to choose. It will -not- be marked as custom content but will show up at the end of the list of default hairs (or mixed in with Store hair, if you have it). All thumbnails will look like an adult male (even for female children) - it's just an odd thumbnail, nothing to worry about.

  • Works properly for different body types (fit/fat/etc) and colour options (main/roots/highlights/tips). But of course, since it's a bald hair, the colour options won't make any difference. You will still be able to pass on the proper hair colour to kids though.

  • For almost all ages (child through elder). Toddlers already had bald hair, so I just did it for the remaining ones that didn't have it.

  • For both genders (male and female). Bald girls, bald boys, you pick.

  • May not be perfectly perfect. Only real issue with this one is the thumbnail looking like an adult male for everyone. Still works fine.

To install:

1. Download the rar file and extract the .package file from it. There's just one this time.

2. Install the .package files - recommended is use of the Helper Monkey!

3. Play! You shouldn't have to delete your cache files. Find the hair in Create a Sim for your new sims, or Change Appearance on a mirror for your existing ones.

Model credits:

Raymond by TummyZa, and Diana by me. Eyes are by me, face is by Aikea Guinea.

No requests, please...

I am definitely going to do more hair for TS3... but I have limited time I can spend on creating (darn that real life and need to sleep!), and plenty of existing plans on which hairs (and what type of hairs) I want to do first.

I have permission from Nouk to convert her hairs, I have my own hairs I made for TS2, and hairs from TS2 itself all that can be done, as well as perhaps some brand new styles I might do. Which is probably enough to keep me busy for a year!

I will mainly be focusing on shorter, more "masculine" styles for a while, as guys tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to hair. Any that are female or child appropriate will work for them, too. But with so much to do, I really don't take requests, suggestions, hints, or "ooh that'd be cool!" into consideration.

Huge thanks to:

DELPHY!! For slaving over figuring out non-replacement hair and for putting together a super easy to use tool to make it!

WES!! For his awesome Q-Mesh plugins for Milkshape!

All the awesome folks who figured out the file formats and gubbins to allow this to happen.

Polygon Counts:
One. Seriously. 1. One single poly.