Two fresh fabric patterns, one abstract fabric and one stuco pain with vinile flowers

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Drops, an abstract pattern

This bold patern can be found under abstract and has 3 palettes, they give to your sims home a modern look, they are big drops! They will fill ok in big modern rooms. It's suitable for all manner of fabric items, included clothing, but you can use it as wall paint too.
Vinile flowers on stuco

This pattern can be found as paint an has 3 palettes, you can make "disapear" the stuco by setting the same colour in first and last palette. If you are tired of the old paint pattens electronic arts give to us you can use it on your wall or objects. The pattern can be used as fabric too! It look nice!
Letters and Smile Stars

These patterns are found under fabric, and both have just 2 palettes. They are suitable for fabric items, but can be used as well on other surfaces. The Smile Star pattern will made your sims or their home look young and fresh! And the letters on can give a nice and relaxing look to any room!
They look great on clothes too!

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