Hider for 4 FT sport ball rugs

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2009 at 8:59 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2012 at 3:08 AM by Phaenoh - I was your anonymous moderator ;)
Is there any reason why the 5 EA Sports Rugs that came with Free Time are separate in the catalogue? I see none.
So now that joninmobile explained how, I hid 4 of them (the basketball, the cricket, the eightball and the soccer one).

One zip has a single file to hide all 4 rugs, and another contains 4 hiders if you want to keep any of the 4 ball rugs for whatever reason. (They cannot be recoloured, so that's not a concern). You only need one of the ZIPs.

To preserve the textures for those who want them, there are also 4 recolours for the EA Sports Baseball rug. These are TEXTURE-REFERENCING recolours, meaning that they contain no texture of their own, just a "link" to the original (and now hidden) textures.

The hiders go into your Downloads folder. Delete to remove.
Put the recolours in
Program files/HighestEP/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins or
Program files/HighestEP/TSData/Res/Catalog/Skins
(with the added benefit that they will have no CC star).

If you had these 4 ball rugs in a house before, they will just disappear when you introduce the hider mod. The lot will not crash. (At least none of my test lots did).
Enjoy your cleaner catalogue!

Additional Credits:
joninmobile for telling us how to properly hide objects
Phaenoh for this tutorial tutorial, which helped me figure out how to reference textures, and for nudging me to make TR recolours
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter, essential for testing SimPE GIMP