Jiro Kane - Tattoo Lover

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2009 at 10:10 PM
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So yeah, this is Jiro Kane.

My CauAsian Sim (Caucasian - Asian, borrowed that from hubby )
Born in Fukuoka, Japan 23 years ago. His parents are Albert and Megumi Kane.
Now lives in Bristol, UK his father's hometown.

His confession:
"At first I hated it (tattoo) but now I'm addicted to it.
The way I see it tattoo is like an art"

So far he has 6 tattoos on his body but he's planning to get more

Young Adult

Couch Potato
Good Sense Of Humor
Heavy Sleeper

Custom Music

Lifetime Wish:
Golden Tounge, Golden Finger

Jiro comes with 6 Recolorable Tattoos I made (with CAS thumbnail)
for Male only, Teen through Elder. It's a multiple tattoos not individual.
You can find it in glasses & accessories category and under all category outfit.
Also 1 shirt of Shiroi Neko (recolorable except the stencil),
real shirt from here I made for him.
You can find this shirt under all category outfit.


+ + + + +


You need Rick+Delphy's Slider Hack/Awesomemod/Indie Stone
if you want to tweak his face and the sliders won't snap back to default setting.

You can get Slider Hack from here

Custom Content by Me:

6 Tattoos:
On the back, left and right arm, chest and right leg.
The Japanese language tattoo on his arm means "Judo"
Shiroi Neko "Oh My God " shirt

Custom Content I Used:

Face by 234jiao, from here
Body by TummyZa, from here (the first one)

Facial Hair:
Chinstrap by Robokitty, from here
Brow by Nandonalt, from here

Hair by Aikea
Pants by Aikea

How to install:
Extract the sim. file from the zip.
Place in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims.
In the game, go to the Premade Sims Bin in Create A Sim (CAS)

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

Additional Credits:
Rick & Delphy for the slider hack
Delphy for CTU Tool
All creators above for making great CC. Thanks, guys!