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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 5:11 PM


Greetings Fellow Simmers,

I come bearing a house from one of my favorite designers Dan Tyree. Its called Sunrise. Floorplan can be found here.This house has a open air living, dining, family and kitchen area. It has 1 master bedroom and 2 other bedrooms. the master bedroom has its own private bathroom . the other 2 bedrooms have a shared bathroom. The 2 bedrooms may be alittle small but they are liveable. The folding doors (Imary-Artiste Set from Mango is required for the folding doors ) make entire walls of the living room and the family room disappear. The master suite is at the rear where it opens to private outdoor space. Tucked under the eaves of the garage beside the pool patio is a handy outdoor kitchen. The one thing i love about this house personally are the celestory window which allow natural light to flood the living and family areas. This house is made on a 40x40 lot preferably on the wolff family lot at 500 Sunnyside Blvd because of the beautiful view. The view from the master bedroom is magnificent because it faces towards the light house which is in the west where in the evening couples can retreat to the private outdoor space to enjoy the sun set ( Yes i thought about that when i built the house incase anyone is wondering) . The pool patio and the Living room is also faced to overlook the town which is towards the east . This means in the morning your sim can chill out beside the pool to get his/hers tan on !! Hope you enjoy the house i know i did !!


This house has been play tested. Please PM me if any problems arise.

Lot info:
Size - 40x40
Price - Furnished: $168,227
Unfurnished: $118,193

-1 Master Bedroom
-2 Bedrooms
-2 Bathrooms
-1 Kitchen
-2 Carports
-1 Kitchen
-1 Outdoor BBQ Area
-1 Living Area
-1 Family Area
-1 Dining Area
-1 Awsome View

Custom Content:

-Furniture from Stylist Sims. Content can be found here. Dining, Living & Bedroom set is used.
-Furniture from Mango Sims. Content can be found here. Lilliberg, Imary-Artiste, Asera & Tinyt Set is used.
-Ribbon Window by HugeLunatic. Content can be found here.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $168,227