Simlish Art- DeMon Painting

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2009 at 9:14 PM

I didn't have enough good size horizontal 2 tile sim paintings without frames. I decided I would try to make one. So, after long frustrating hours, I was finally able to make a simple painting mesh that the texture wasn't messed up on. The character in the painting is one of my from Sims 2. Take a look!

She likes it!

And well....He doesn't. Envy of course.

The cost is 300 simoleans. Look for it in decoration -> Paintings. Like I said it's a really simple mesh. If anyone wants to use it great! Credit would be nice. As a newbie I need to be encouraged ;D.

Not sure if this in needed but:
Vertices 48
Texture 28
Normal 7
Facets 60
Groups 2

Polygon Counts:
42 polygons

Additional Credits:
My Family- For allowing me to hog the computer with my many mistakes.
Delphy- TS3 Install Helper Monkey
Inge & Peter- S3PE, S3OC Wes Howe- Object tools