School Activities Poster Set

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Do the walls of your school look bare?
Do you love Simlish in your game?
Are you a CC addict?
Well then, do I have the right set of posters for you.

This download includes three meshes. One straight, one angled right, and one angled left.
Each mesh contains the 18 images depicting school club and sporting activities.

Activities Include:
Debate Club
Gaming Club
Gay-Straight Alliance
Science Club
Drama Club
Modern Dance Club
Equestrian Club
Scuba Club
Swim Club
Golf Club
Baseball Tryouts (2)
Girls Soccer
Soccer Tryouts
Girls Basketball Schedule
Mens Varsity Basketball Schedule
Freshman Football Tryouts
Football Tryouts

Posters Cost 5$ and are found under Decorative/Wall Hangings

Additional Credits:
Science Club Artwork created by Mathieu Beaulieu
Gaming Club Artwork created by Cryptid-Creations
Mesh created by Awesims - fixed to be cas-able by me
Fonts created by Franzilla

Special Thank You To:
Blyss - For helping me locate the necessary tools and always being helpful in general.

Greenplumbbob - For trying to help me fix the mesh. I appreciate your time.