Altered Music Stations, Custom WallSpeaker bugfix 1.63

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Uploaded 29th Sep 2009 at 9:17 PM · Updated 27th Oct 2013 at 8:30 PM by Shimrod101 : Updated for patch 1.63

Remade for the 1.63 patch and ITF The slow dance is also added to the futuristic DigiMusic stereo station.

Remade for the 1.57 patch and the new stuff pack.

1.47 UPDATE: This mod is remade for the 1.47 patch, as there are 3 new stereo stations added with the Stuff Pack.

New With 1.42/Seasons: With Seasons the Slow Dancing is introduced. In this XML is this field, <IsSlowDanceStation>0</IsSlowDanceStation> which identifies each individual stereo station as being a valid station to use the slow dancing. Presumably (I don't have Seasons installed at the moment of this writing) if the station does not have this entry set to 1, the slow dance is impossible. Among the stations left out are Custom Music and France, Egypt, and China; approximately half the stations are left out. In this 1.42 mod I have simply enabled all stations for the slow dancing, as their default is unacceptable.

Older mod versions description:
>This is remade with a fix for the Custom music station not playing sound on the community stereos (wall speakers) when on community lots. Otherwise this mod replaces the Kids music station with Custom music, just as previously in this mod.<

Shimrod Technologies A/S tired of the Kids music station some time ago and with this mod has changed the playlist on the Kids station to the one used by Custom Music, i.e. your .mp3 files already placed in your Custom Music folder. Anytime you choose the Kids music station your custom music will play instead, also on townie lots and community lot stereos: the default Kids music is overridden. The Kids station hasn't been altered otherwise, the bonuses given to toddlers/kids are still in place.

This XML mod uses only one resource, named 'Stereo', which identifies the names and playlists for the stations. The other stereo XMLs haven't been touched.

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of S3PE by Peter L. Jones.

Type: Fixed Other

Tags: #music, #stereo