5 Medieval Majors

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Here are five majors with a medieval flavor for your historical neighborhood – Chivalry, Leechcraft, Mercantilism, Monastic Studies and Womanly Arts. Each major has a separate description below.

They have all been tested in a Base Game + University environment.
They all have unique GUIDs and do NOT override any major.
No unusual class times or lengths.
All majors have custom icons.

You will, of course, need FrikaC’s Majors Made Easier.
A big thanks to whiterider for the excellent tutorial.
For young squires studying to become knights of your personal Round Table, we present Chivalry, to provide them with a good overview of the basics.

Major: Chivalry
Description: Chivalry: The code of Knighthood. This rigorous course will take you through all the basics of becoming a true Knight of the Realm, and ensure you are ready to be dubbed by your King. (Completion of course is not a guarantee of dubbing. See instructor for details.)

Cloned From: Drama
Unique GUID: 005A7D04
Focused Skills: Body (5), Charisma (4), Mechanical (4), Logic (4)

Freshman 1: Surviving Your Years As A Squire
Freshman 2: Choosing a Coat of Arms: Chickens are Not Cool
Sophomore 1: My Kingdom for a Horse: Selecting a Proper Steed
Sophomore 2: Stainless Steel Undies and Other Accoutrements
Junior 1: Jousting For Fun and Profit
Junior 2: Courtly Love: An Exercise in Patience
Senior 1: Members Only: Joining a Knightly Order
Senior 2: Knighthood Vigil: The Ultimate All-Nighter

I actually had to do a little research for my medieval medical career. Leechcraft deals with balancing the 4 ‘humors’, or fluids, of the body through blood-letting and other interesting practices. Yes, they actually did call themselves Leeches.

Major: Leechcraft
Description: Students of Leechcraft will study the medicine of the 4 humors of the body, and how to fix their imbalances through Phlebotomy, or blood-letting. They will also study related disciplines, such as Herbology and Astrology. Remember, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Cloned From: Biology
Unique GUID: 005A7D02
Focused Skills: Logic (5), Cooking (4), Cleaning (4), Mechanical (4)

Freshman 1: Humor Me: A Study of Bodily Fluids
Freshman 2: Phlebotomy Basics: Knives vs. Leeches
Sophomore 1: The Chamber Pot: A Primary Diagnostic Tool
Sophomore 2: Herbology: Prescribing By Color
Junior 1: Astrology: A Helpful Scheduling Tool
Junior 2: To Anesthetize or Not?: A Debate on Mortality Rates
Senior 1: Trepanning: Sometimes You Do Need a Hole in Your Head
Senior 2: The Plague and You: Rats, Foiled Again!

A business major for your burgeoning bourgeoisie, Mercantilism will help them navigate through the strange new territory of the Merchant class.

Major: Mercantilism
Description: So you're a merchant trying to succeed in this new world called "Commerce", a world where gold is king! Sit back and relax as we take you through the finer points of running a business in these tumultuous times.

Cloned From: Economics
Unique GUID: 005A7D03
Focused Skills: Mechanical (5), Charisma (4), Creativity (4), Logic (4) (same as Econ)

Freshman 1: Beans: Important Accounting Tools
Freshman 2: Short Measure, Weighted Scales, and Other Shady Practices
Sophomore 1: Cities: The New Trend in Living
Sophomore 2: Highwaymen & Robber Barons: The Importance of Road Safety
Junior 1: The Silk Road and Other Far-Fetched Pursuits
Junior 2: Usury and You: Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be
Senior 1: Taxes and Tariffs: Yes, That Is The Sheriff of Nottingham
Senior 2: Surviving a War: The Art of Selling to Both Sides

A must for all young novices looking to become monks or nuns, Monastic Studies will give your sims a firm grounding from which to reach for the heavens.

Major: Monastic Studies
Description: Becoming a Monk or a Nun isn't as easy as some might think. There are languages to learn, scriptures to memorize, and chants to master. Monastic Studies will get you through your novitiate with all the skills you'll need to take your Final Vows.

Cloned From: Economics
Unique GUID: 005A7D01
Focused Skills: Charisma (5), Mechanical (4), Creativity (4), Logic (4)

Freshman 1: Basic Scripture: In The Beginning...
Freshman 2: Gregorian Chant: Singing for Your Supper
Sophomore 1: Manuscript Illumination 1: Calligraphy for Dummies
Sophomore 2: Manuscript Illumination 2: Painting By Numbers
Junior 1: Latin 101: Mea Culpa, and Other Important Phrases
Junior 2: Advanced Scripture: Distinguishing Nehemiah from Zephaniah
Senior 1: Hagiography: A Saint for Every Occasion
Senior 2: Preparation for Final Vows: The Point of No Return

Inspired by a line in a Mercedes Lackey novel, Womanly Arts is for those ladies of your court who want to attend college, but don’t want to strain their brains too much. Also includes some advanced courses for those with a little more ambition than most.

Major: Womanly Arts
Description: Spinning, Weaving and the Art of being Womanly: this course will prepare you with everything a young noblewoman needs to know to impress the Lord of the Manor and keep your castle running smoothly. That's all you really wanted out of an education, right?

Cloned From: Art
Unique GUID: 005A7D00
Focused Skills: Creativity (5), Cooking (4), Charisma (4), Cleaning (4)

Freshman 1: Basic Household Management: Keeping Up the Keep
Freshman 2: Advanced Household Management: Why Servants Are Like Small Children
Sophomore 1: Deportment: Modesty, Courtesy, and Counting To Ten Slowly
Sophomore 2: Marrying for Status: What's Love Got To Do With It?
Junior 1: Court Etiquette: The Polite Way to Eat with Your Fingers
Junior 2: Court Politics: Who Not to Offend, and Why
Senior 1: Choosing a Champion: Surely You Joust, Sir!
Senior 2: Scheming and Plotting: Become the Power Behind the Throne