Suburban Series - Riverview - 7 Lots

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2009 at 6:39 PM
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As requested, here is my suburban series for Riverview. There are 7 lots in total. All homes are single story and designed with families in mind. This series is designed to be positioned at Hidden Grove Lane.

You can get the Sunset Valley set here.

Every lot has a different floor plan, colour scheme and features. Some homes have sunken living areas, garages with internal access and some have both. Every lot will contain some sort of skill building object but they vary from house to house.

Every home has also been tested and all are playable.

To see screenshots on each home, read about their features and find the download link, please see the comments section of this thread. Only the included custom content is "downloadable" from the downloads tab

Custom Content

Ok, here's the worst part. Every house uses custom content. I have tried to keep it to a minimum but the list is still extensive. To make it easier, there is no store content in any of these lots.

Most of the CC is from MTS and all links have been provided on the comments page with each lot description. Most of you will already have all this content, and it's typically repeated in each house, so have a read through the lists and grab what you don't have.

There's also a list of CC used from other websites. These are well known sites so with any luck, you'll already have that content too.

I've also provided the art work I used in every lot by Sims Art Gallery to make it a little easier for you. Again, some of these paintings have been used in more than one lot so you may find some of the same in more than one .rar. Don't worry though, just over-ride the .package files in your mod folder and you're good to go.

To get the art work, you'll find them below.

For those of you who downloaded my Sunset Valley series or any of my other builds, you'll have the majority of the CC used in this series anyway.

Additional Info

This entire series was designed to be positioned at Hidden Grove Lane in Riverview. It's highly recommended that's where you place these lots. As my neighbourhood/s are completely empty, I apologize in advance if this means you'll need to bulldoze houses that came with the game (I have no idea if there were any there), but you can be sure, these will be better than the base game houses anyway

Additional Credits

Sims Art Gallery for their incredible art work.

Those who requested this series. I'm happy you all liked the first series enough to want another.

All the custom content creators whom make my game come to life when using their wonderful objects and patterns.