Random Clutter Extracted and Converted from Sims2

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2009 at 11:44 AM
Updated: 4th Oct 2009 at 1:56 AM - replaced funky .rar file with fallback zip format
Lo these many days I have toiled in SimPE, mining the depths of Sims2 packages. My labors having been rewarded rather handsomely, I give you my first batch of extracted Sims2 objects converted for Sims3.

As far as I know, none of these objects were buyable in Sims2, so that makes them extra-fabulous, right? On the other hand, none of them are good for anything except looking pretty. Or looking useful. Or something.

Meshes and textures are by EA/Maxis, obviously. I did add shadows because I am like that. However, they may still have imperfections. That possibility disturbs me, but since I have to live with it, so you do you. But only if you download them.

If you do, you will get some candy-- as a bonus, I have also included a lollypop extracted from Sims3. Yum. (Not edible, though-- see "not good for anything", above.)

All items are found in Decorative --> Miscellaneous, and are not recolorable.

Enjoy, and let me know about any problems, because I hate problems and will fix them if possible.

EDIT: some people were having trouble with the .rar file so I replaced it with a zip Polygon Counts:
Babayaga_Sims2Deco_Flashlight: 158 polys
babayaga_Sims2Deco_Binoculars: 874 polys
Babayaga_Sims2Deco_Headphones: 816 polys
Babayaga_Sims2Deco_Hairdryer: 796 polys
Babayaga_Sims2Deco_Potholder: 126 polys
Babayaga_Sims2Deco_PlasticCup 288 polys
Babayaga_SculptureExtracted_Lollipop: 59 polys

Additional Credits:
All the usual suspects: the authors of S3oc, S3pe, and S3ObjTools