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Wee Barnoid #21 – Starter house (under 15.000§) – No CC

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2009 at 11:18 PM
Updated: 8th Oct 2009 at 4:46 PM
A small country house with a bit of a "holiday cabin" feeling, furnished for three sims, affordable for one. I think this is only so cheap because I playtested over midnight, but since I changed the floorplan about 25 times during playtesting I don't have an unplayed version. It was under 16.000§ before playtesting too, though.

1 x double bedroom
1 x single/twin bedroom
1 x bathroom
1 x kitchen/dining/living room

It looks a bit cramped downstairs (like holiday cabins often are), but I tested with a househould of four and didn't run into any issues. If you want a bit more space, you could put the double bedroom upstairs (as a loft or one big room), and put two 2x3 rooms downstairs for a bathroom and mini bedroom, so that the kitchen/bedroom wall moves over by one tile.

Prices given below (F = Furnished; U = Unfurnished) are when placed on a regular 20x30 lot.

Built on the smallest lot I have (16x18), so it can be rotated in any direction on every other lot. Two sides of the house would work as a street side, although I'd use a somewhat less utilitarian fence for the bike shed if that were on the front.

Please don't PM me with questions. Post questions/feedback about this particular house in this thread, generic build mode stuff in the Build Mode forum. Thanks.

Base Game content only. This house will look exactly like on the screenshots.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 14.989§ F, 11.499§U