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Modular Flower Shrubs + Pot

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2015 at 11:16 PM
Updated: 1st Feb 2016 at 12:00 AM
Some of the Maxian garden flower shrubs really look like they’re made to be potted, so I made some pottable versions .. and gave them a large pot in 14 colour variants as well. The pot also works for garden plants (i.e. the harvestable shrubs/flowers/things); just be aware that when you put them indoors the watering tends to result in puddles. Weeding does not look particularly elegant, either (but sims do not stretch or anything). Screenshots of the potted garden plants are taken with this override.

Update 2015-06-25: I edited the pot to make the rim a little bit lower, so there will be less clipping with plants that have low-hanging leaves. Doesn’t make a big difference for the plants uploaded in this post, though.

I updated my Liberated Desert Plants too so the small cactii and lavenders can now also be potted; see screenshot.

The pot can be put on surfaces like patio tables, and stacked onto itself. It can also be combined with the smaller modular plants from this, this or this post -- they often look quite good when enlarged × 2 --; plants with long stems can also simply be moveobjectsed into it (like the Maxis potted palm on one of the screenshots). To resize stuff in game, use the ß/´key (or whatever other keys you have next to 9/0).

All of the plants are catalogue objects that reference the Maxis ones (those are unchanged); they are in Deco > Plants (not Build > Flowers).
  • The Oso Succulent ‒ 40§
  • Red, Red Rose Bush ‒ 45§
  • Baby’s Bottom Rose Bush ‒ 55§
  • Peter Pot Cactus‒ 65§
  • Pink Azalea Flowers ‒ 75§
  • Sunrose Bush ‒ 80§, five colour variants
  • Passion’s Kiss ‒ 140§
  • Shaggi-luscious ‒ 270§

The pot is also in Deco > Plants and costs 40§, it references the textures for three of the colour variants from the Maxis garden pot, the rest are custom. Also contains overrides for the Maxis garden pot black diffusion texture (00b2d882-00000000-d775826a8b739371) and wood bump map (00b2d882-00000000-8059d29ef81e7e13) -- the difference won’t be visible on that except when you have overrides in completely different colours, since it only affects parts that the Maxis pot isn’t using.

Polygon Counts:

Pot: Like the original (High Poly: 124V/108F, Mid Poly: 68V/52F)
Plants do not contain meshes

s4pe + blender/Milkshape/TSRW/Paint.net for the pot.