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Super Low, Groomed and Tilted brows for both genders

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2010 at 1:50 PM
Updated: 13th Feb 2010 at 2:30 AM
These brows are way more lower than brows in general, which means that you can make brows lower without that Angry Frown.
So, the brow has a lot more space to be moved around!
Of course you can raise them up, they work just as well like that.

They are also thinner, smaller in whole size and slightly farther apart than normal brows, which is great when making sims with smaller facial features, such as anime and game characters.

More lighter the color, more thinner the brows look.
More darker the color, more thicker the brows look!

They are for both genders from teen to elder.
They are not default replacements.

All models by me,
Wes (the manly man) available in my blog and
Nicholas (the first dude) available here in MTS.

CC used on models:

Kittyklan's face make up and eyebags
Ginpachi's (blue haired dude on right) hair by SAU
HP's eyes
234jiao's skins
Girl's tattoo and lips by me,
Final Fantasy character's (left) contacts by me,
for personal abuse.

Additional Credits:
Delphy's CTU!