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Fantasy eyes

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2011 at 7:49 AM
Ages ago, I released these eyes inspired by manga & anime character Chii from Chobits, but I messed up the file and couldn't find the original right ones until now. But luckily, it's all now in place and these work again!

These are really fun eyes, as you can get so many different, beautiful effects out of them, see for youself! These fit for any kind of fantasy character just perfect, elves, demons, ghosts, UFOs, dolls, anime characters... whatever you can imagine!

These are contacts, and can be found under Face masks under Makeup category.
For both genders, baby to elder, and these eyes inherit just like default replacement eyes.
Not enabled for random sims.

Free hairs used (in order of appearance): Peggy, Lidiqnata conversion by Anubis360, TS2 conversion, Raonjena, Peggy and Butterfly sims conversion by Anubis360.