Recolorable Stubble Applied As Makeup

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2010 at 11:38 AM
Updated: 7th Jan 2010 at 8:18 AM - pics messed up
The default stubble was annoying me with its clunkiness and pixelation, so I made a new way to use makeup! After some fiddling around, I decided not to apply it as a costume makeup because, although you can group the various different styles better in that group, costume makeup is applied ON TOP of default facial hair, which just looks wrong. Blushes and Lipstick, on the other hand, are applied underneath the default facial hair, making even more possible combinations beyond what I've added myself.

If you install both package sets, you will have access to all of the styles as both blush AND a lipstick. This means you can apply different combinations of stubble, even different colors, or even throw a default facial hair on top, to make your own unique look...

like so

6 basic styles are included, in 2 separate rars. One for lipstick, one for blush.

All of the different styles are in their own .package within the rars...this was more a technical limitation on my end then any sort of intended convenience for you. But feel free to only add the ones you want!

I've tinkered on lots of stuff before this, but this is my first upload... be gentle! XD

Additional Credits:
Props to Delphy, HP, Echo, and all you other guys! Your tools, guides, discussions, and thoughts all make this stuff a breeze.