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"Rough Cut" Facial Hairs

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Uploaded 3rd Feb 2015 at 4:59 PM

Three different facial hairs that I made; 'clean cut' and 'combination' were based on a character of mine, and the 'scruffy' layer looked nice on its own, so I decided to make it into its own separate stubble version.

- Enabled for Males, teen-elder
- Found in the 'Facial Hair' category
- Each has 4 color channels.

There are three different files; each one is in accordance with the preview images.
Check the previews to see which variety best suits your needs, or download all 3 if you like! :D

Enjoy! <3

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Tags: #facial, #hair, #mustache, #moustache, #goatee, #scruff, #scruffy