Cottage Kitchen

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Uploaded: 7th Mar 2010 at 5:45 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2020 at 3:59 PM
I found a counter at Garden Breeze that I loved. But I was put off by the fact that it was over 5000 polys! So I thought I would see if I could make a lower poly one, and slaved to Maxis meshes. So the Cottage Kitchen set began.

This set is entirely slaved to a Base Game Quaint item. There are no textures! I ripped apart several base game meshes and put them back together in different ways, remapping them to use existing textures.

The Meshes
The counter has 6 meshes insides: counter, corner, no door/drawers, no drawer, and counter only (used for appliances). The island has 4 meshes: counter, corner, west end, and east end.

As with all counters, the package has two that show in catalog. This package has one with a lower shelf and one without, but all corners have a lower shelf.

Buffet is slaved to Quaint Armoire
Counter Base is slaved to Quaint Desk
Counter Top is slaved to Counter Culture
Upper Cabinets are slaved to Quaint Armoire

The slots
Each counter that has a lower shelf has an added slot for it; the open upper cabinets have 3 slots per shelf; and the buffet has 3 slots per shelf plus 3 on the very top.

Each counter also has the corner slot as usable. Thanks to Numenor for creating the SEP which allowed me to study it and add this to my package.

Catalog Location/Price
  • Buffet - Surfaces/Misc §225
  • Counter - Surfaces/Counters §125
  • Fridge Upper - Surfaces/Misc §105
  • Short Upper - Surfaces/Misc §125
  • Tall Upper - Surfaces/Misc §145

Known Issues: The lower slots on the counters are not accessible once you place an item there. I've tried adjusting everything I know how to change this but nothing worked. I even tested other similar counters that are open underneath, and they too have this issue. So the only way to recolor or remove an object from that shelf is to delete the counter. I left the slots in because they are still useful.

Polygon Counts:
Buffet - 3709
Counter - 1578
Island - 1536
Fridge Upper - 1597
Short Upper - 1597
Tall Upper - 2102

The polys are a bit higher for these than I wanted, but it is the handles that are so high. Blame Maxis, I took them from the desk and armoire!

I have added a CEP file that makes the base game Quaint Armoire have the handles recolorable separately from the Armoire. Which means my upper cabinets and buffet will also have this option if you have this package. I recommend placing in the zCEP-EXTRA folder after installing Numenor's CEP.

CEP- extras by hafiseasale slaved the OFB smaller armoire to the base game

Additional Credits:
Numenor for his Counter Templates
Garden Breeze for the idea for the counter design
Kitchen Clutter is by buggybooz and Cassandre at BPS
Valances are by me, textures by amythestfenix