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Modular Stairs, Fence, Gate & Column Add- Ons

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2009 at 5:12 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2013 at 1:51 PM
New Mesh!

This set was born from a WCIF for a simple fence with no posts, and a column that sat exactly in a corner that would work with all Maxis fences to hide the existing posts. While working on this set I realized that Maxis did not include a gate for the simple Wooden Fence or the green Arboreal Fence. This fence is almost (almost because there are less posts!) identical to the Wooden Fence and Arboreal Ascendancy Fence that came with the base game.

The set includes 8 colors: 3 Lightwood, 1 Worn Wood, 1 Distressed Wood, Maxis Wood, Maxis Green Wood, and 1 White.

The Fence
The fence only has posts where you stop dragging instead of every tile, and it includes a diagonal. It comes in three Lightwood colors that match plasticbox's recolors of Numenor's Wood Deck Stairs. The Wood Fence and Green Arboreal match the Wood Stairs and Arboreal Stairs from the Base game. The white recolor is mine. The Worn Wood matches Numenor's Deck Stairs and the Distressed Wood matches plasticbox's Distressed Wood Deck Stair recolor. Please see credits for links to the stairs and recolors.

The Gate
The gate comes in the same eight colors as the fence. The Maxis Wood color is in the MESH file and each recolor is separate vs. in the same package so that you may choose which you would like to keep. I chose the wood color as the main color since it also matches the plain wood fence by Maxis.

Updated June 7,2010 Added 2-tile Gate. This is slaved to the 1-tile gate so all recolors for the 1-tile will apply to the 2-tile.

The Column(s)
The column is the full height of a wall and sits exactly in a corner. At least exactly in the spot to cover the post of all Maxis fences. It is slightly bigger than the original Uprite Column to cover completely the corner posts. It allows objects to intersect the footprint and sims may walk over them. One has the metal base and one doesn't. If you put two on top of each other it creates a 2-story column and there is no need for a floor tile to cover any gap.
  • They are both slaves to the original Maxis column!
Also included are recolors of the Maxis column in the three Lightwood colors, Brown, Green, White, Worn Wood, and DistressedA.

The Stair Recolor
White recolor of Numenor's Wood Deck Stairs. You need to get the mesh here.


Thanks to plasticbox for the original WCIF.

The Lightwood and Distressed recolor textures are by plasticbox at MTS2, and they come from the recolors of Numenor's Wood Deck Stairs. I am very grateful that re-usage of the textures is allowed, as these are pretty much the only recolors I use in my game.

The Worn Wood texture comes from a recolor of Numenor's Wood Deck Stairs. Again thanks to Numenor for allowing usage of the textures.

You may clone the fence to recolor since this is the only way to recolor fences.

Polygon Counts:
Column (60)
Column with Base (136)
Gate (632)
Gate 2-tile (1264)
Fence - contains 3 parts:
Rail (136)
Post (92)
Diag Rail (448)