Cardassian Uniforms

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2010 at 1:27 AM
Updated: 2nd Apr 2019 at 1:21 AM - updated links
Are your Cardassians tired of running around in their footie pajama's?

Well have no fear from an uprising, today I bring you my new Cardassian Uniforms!!

Thanks to Marvine and SynapticSim's wonderful Boot meshes, those reptillian bad guys can finally strut their stuff properly outfitted!

All the meshes are included, with the exception of the Toddler and Child outfits. The Toddler is a maxis mesh, so it's all ready in the game. The Child is also from Marvine & SynapticSim and can be found HERE! YOU MUST grab this mesh for the child outfits to show up!!!!

Here's the links for the ones included, just in case you would like to pick up the rest of the meshes.... HERE

The skintone is by DarthGeta and can be found HERE

All of the hair on my models come from the game itself!

The outfits are for every age group, from Toddler to Elder, and both for Male and Female. They are base game compatable. If you'll look at the pictures below, you'll notice there are several body shapes to choose from. The teen to elder females have a slightly higher heel on their boots.

For the men: MBB (Massive Bodybuilder), HBB (Huge BodyBuilder), BB (BodyBuilder), and LBB (Lean BodyBuilder - this is for the regular sized guy)
For the women: BB (BodyBuilder), Ath (Athletic Girl), and AF (regular sized)

I really do hope you fully enjoy these! I think they look great in the game, and now I don't have a rebellion among my Cardassians in the neighborhood!