Magic Water-Pump

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Uploaded: 15th May 2010 at 4:27 PM
Updated: 23rd Mar 2014 at 8:29 PM
2014-03-23 Update for patch 1.67 :

2013-06-23 Update for patch 1.55 :

2012-11-06 Rebuilt for patch 1.42 :

- Correct Rig : Fx Effects have correct position.
- Proposed with adapted patterns.
- Cheats and build/buy interactions added :
* Enable/Disable 'Apply Fertilizer' (Disabled by default)
* Enable/Disable 'To Weed' (Disabled by default)

- Now, can be found in :

Update :
2010-10-31 - Updated to game version 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0.

I'm bored to place a lot of sprinkles everywhere in the gardens. So, I made this object.

This Water-Pump is magic : It becomes active at dawn and at nightfall (6:00 AM and 7:00 PM); and provides all plants on the lot, with water. It stays actived during 20 minutes.
Your sim can activate it, if your plants can't wait.

It's based on "The Water Breathing Dragon". It doesn't override default game item. (you need WA)
This object can be found in :

Name : Mc Multy's Water Pump
Cost : ยง 2400

Recolorable : 3 channels
Suggested with same patterns of "The Water Breathing Dragon".
(I haven't could change them)

This package uses a custom script. You need d3dx9_31.dll.
See Here, for this.

Polygon Counts:
1235 vertices
2182 triangles

Additional Credits:
Credits to the S3OC, S3PE, others tools and their creators.
Thank to Kolipoki, HugeLunatic and other writers of tutorial.