Old Gas station fuel pump 1950s style

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This is a 1950s style fuel pump used in most gas stations for pumping gasoline, and diesel fuel. It is available in three types, Regular (Red), and Premium gasoline (Green), and also Diesel fuel (Blue).

They are in game recolorable and take up one square when placed. The cabinet is channel A, The Trim and nozzle are channel B, and the gas hose and gas nozzle pocket are channel C. See the Mapped image for greater detail.
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The Fuel Pump has been tested in the basic Sims 3 game, also with World Adventures, and should be compatible with all add-ons.

The pumps are easy to place, and can be placed in any combination you desire. In the pictures I laid down a blacktop floor then placed the pumps on that surface. After placing the pumps I recolored the area under the pumps to give the impression of a pedestal for the pumps.

Bennet Pump Company from which the model's have been modeled after.