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2 Different Colour Eyes - Male and Female, Teen to Elder **UPDATE: NEW IMPROVED TEXTURE!**

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Uploaded: 17th May 2010 at 5:06 AM
Updated: 11th Feb 2013 at 1:22 PM - Added warning about mixing accessories
UPDATE 21 JANUARY 2012: I finally made myself take a tutorial on creating realistic eye textures and made my own texture for these eyes. Hopefully you'll find it an improvement over the plain, blank EA default texture I used originally. Try out the new version on the Downloads tab. The new version, in addition to allowing two different colour eyes, also allows the eye to have a different coloured inner and outer iris.

UPDATE 2 MAY 2012: Per request, added a new version with two blank recolourable eyeballs, so that sims can have two different eyes that are each all one solid colour (or pattern). Each eye has one colour channel for the whole eye. Please see new screenshot at the end of the thumbnails at the bottom of page, for an example of two solid colours and two different patterns, and see Download tab for new file, '2 Different Solid Eyes.'

This is something I was trying to figure out how to do for a long time, and I knew a lot of other members have mentioned that they too would like to be able to give their sims two different colour eyes (aka heterochromia). I hope you'll find these useful.

As mentioned in the above Jan 21 2012 update, when I first made these I had to make them with the default EA texture because I had no idea how to make realistic eye textures. Now that I've finally done so, here is a comparison between the old version and the new version. I'm leaving the old version here too because some players may find a plain eye texture useful for fantasy sims, to give their eyes weird textures, which won't really work well on the new more detailed texture.

It's a duplicate eye mesh that fits over the sim's existing eyes. It is in the Accessories section in CAS, and enabled for Male and Female, Teen to Elder. There are two versions, one categorised as Glasses and one as Earrings. So if your sim wears glasses, they can wear the Earrings version and glasses at the same time (but please note 'ISSUE' number 2 below about wearing more than one custom accessory at the same time). Otherwise, just use the Glasses version if your sim doesn't wear glasses. You can have all the different versions of this accessory (including the new solid eyes added May 2012) in your game - they all have different CAS parts and don't conflict with each other.

Please note that as the eyes are 'Accessories' and not 'Contact Lenses', you need to apply them for each clothing category. Just save your chosen recolour as a 'favourite' and you won't have to keep re-creating it each time you apply it to each clothing category! They also will not stay on in the bath (unless you give your sim the 'Never Nude' trait).

As you'd expect, each eye is recolourable separately, and with the new version, the inner and outer irises are also recolourable separately. Please note though, the inner irises will be the same colour on both eyes - I've never been able to get 4 different recolour areas to work. See below for how the three colours work - here we have one green eye, one blue eye, and a brown inner iris for both:


1. As sometimes happens in TS3, they may not fit exactly the same for both genders - they seem to go on fine on most male sims without any adjusting (see the first of the four pics in the image below), but with women, the lower eyelid may look raggedy. In the second of the four below pics, the girl's lower eyelid looks choppy after applying the eyes. In the third pic, I moved the Lower Eyelid slider to the right, and in the fourth pic, I then slightly adjusted the Eye Shape slider. Some eyes may also need Lower and Upper Eyelid Heights adjusted if the sim initially looks as if he/she is looking up or down rather than straight ahead.

2. Using more than one custom accessory in The Sims 3 will often result in one or more of the accessories becoming somewhat blurry, and that issue does apply with these eyes, which are an accessory mesh, not the regular type of contacts which are a face overlay (makeup). If you use these with another accessory, they may become slightly blurry, or the other accessory may become blurry. This is a known issue with TS3's coding that I don't know of any fix for.

Below, Cycl0n3 and his roomie Tamara are wearing the new version of the eyes and looking fairly realistic, but if you check the other thumbnails at the bottom of the page, you'll find a pic of them with the old version of the eyes in which Cycl0n3 goes for a flame painted eye and a mauve eye, and Tamara favours a pink and purple block pattern coupled with a golden eye, so you can see how using the old version can be useful for fantasy eyes.

Technical Notes: These eyes were made by duplicating and re-mapping the default TS3 eye mesh. They move like regular eyes. Poly count: 192

(They were completely hellish to make and to get them to fit properly and I don't plan to go through all that again for children and toddlers, so please don't request it - sorry! Kids will have to grow into their two-colour eyes.)

Thank you for looking and I hope you'll find these useful!


Unzip the .zip file, and copy one or both of the enclosed .package files (one categorised as Glasses, one categorised as Earrings) to your Mods\Packages folder. Each file works for both men and women and for teen to elder.

If you don't have a Mods\Packages folder and/or don't know how to install .package files, please see full instructions here: http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php...g_Package_Files

Additional Credits:
Made with the lovely CTU: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=364926