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5 Sim Lane - Goth family house

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Uploaded: 27th May 2010 at 5:18 PM
Hello! Did you played The Sims 1? If yes, you will recognize this house!
It's the family that the Goth Family lived in The Sims 1.
That one with a cemetery, remember? Yes, i know you remember.
I remade it for The Sims 3 =D

It's Fully Furnished, matching with The Sims 1 furnishing.
Comes with a front door edited by me to match the "The Sims 1" one.

Sorry, no ghosties in the cemetery The gravestones are only decoration.

I did my best to not use any custom patterns. I think there's none.

Lot Size: 40x40

Furnished - 35.487§
Unfurnished - 28.290§

Unzip the rar-file somewhere in your computer, then install the "5 Sim Lane - Goth Family House.sims3pack" by double-clicking it.
Then copy the files under the "Custom Content" folder to your "Mods/Packages" folder.

Some screens (Scroll down for more):




Other images:
Living room/Hall
Bella and Mortimer's bedroom
Cassandra's Bedroom

Floor Plans:
First floor
Second floor

Custom Content by Me:
- Front Door with Stained Glass - Included
Name: Stenciled Door with Glass - IMAGE
Poly count: 556 Polys, 517 Vertices (Same as original door)
Recolourable Channels: 4 (Middle and borders, 2 of each side)
Pattern tiling: 2;4
Comes with one recolor(Stencil - Stained Glass) and the other without any.
You can find it on "Doors" category on the "Build" catalog.

Additional Credits:
http://www.mysimrealty.com - Wonderful "Pagoda Isles" world, that i used to build the house.