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Ye Olde Laundry Set

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2010 at 7:51 PM
This set contains two objects: a victorian washing sink and a edited clothes line.

These are perfect for your old house!

Object info:

Ye Olde Washer:
Cloned from: Cheap Washer
Price: 215§
Found in: Large Appliances
CASTable parts: 3
Polys: 967
Pattern Tiling: 4;2

Ye Olde Clothes Line:
Cloned from: Clothes Line(the only one)
Price: 75§
Found in: Misc. Appliances
CASTable parts: 2
Polys: 2310(Too much clothing!)
Pattern Tiling: 0.5; 2

I couldn't find a way to remove the light that says "ready", or "running". Even hiding doesn't works. At least it's not in the mid-air!

And the clothing textures aren't inclued in the clothes line's package, so the clothes still are contemporary.


Additional Credits:
Made with TSR Workshop.