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Talisha Dupas

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Uploaded: 27th May 2010 at 4:35 AM
Updated: 8th Aug 2010 at 9:57 PM

Talisha Dupas
...yeah she's kinda a big deal...

Talisha Lache' Dupas, known better as "Lisha", is a certified heart breaker. Looking for a longer term relationship? Well you might want to look somewhere else, because Lisha doesn't keep the same boy for long. Some call it commitment issues, but Talisha calls it independence.

Although she has a sweet face, don't let this diva fool you. If you cross her the wrong way, the claws will come out. And, once they do prepare for a long and bloody battle.

Commitment Issues
Dislikes Children
Party Animal

Favorite Color

Favorite Music

Favorite Food

Age / Gender
Young Adult / Female

Hacks Used:
-Some sort of slider hack. I use the slider hack that's part of AD85's "coremod" set found here.
-Jonha's Sliders
-Delphy's Breast Sliders
-Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4)

**Talisha's face and body were altered extensively with custom sliders, without these sliders installed, the sim will *snap* out of shape whenever you try to alter her.

I was a little hesitant to post this sim because of the massive amount of CC I used. Sadly non of it is uploaded with the sim because there were so many different policies, that it would be even more confusing to split up what can and cannot be included. However, all of my links are either direct, or as close to the content as I can get.

-LASHED - Lower Lashes Eyeliner by aarin
-Crystal Lipstick N9 by Lemonleaf
-Girlie Tats (both sets) by traelia
-Colored Braces by Me
-Eyebrow Beauty Mark by Me

-Outfit #156 by Liana Sims
-Hair by Peggy (Free)
-Head Like A Hole piercing set by Sleepless Angel
-Wearable Bra by Lili Sims
-Shoes by Lili Sims

-Tank by Lili Sims

-Tank and Short set by Lili Sims

-Bikini #185 by Liana Sims
-Hat Accessory by TumTum Simiolino
-Shoes by Lili Sims

-Dress #71 by Liana Sims
-Shoes by Lili Sims
-Earrings by Vita Sims
-Hair by XM Sims

-Oh My Eyes (Defaults) by Escand
-Busty St. Claire Skintone (non-default/naughty) by LadyFrontBum****
-Naughty & Nice DEFAULT FACE by LadyFrontBum

**** - Required!

Talisha was built with WA, so just to be safe I would say that WA is required.