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The Merrye Makers

Ahh, wanderers, welcome. Art thou merrye? If thou art not merrye thou art soon to be. What wares hast thou come here looking for? Clothing for thy entire family? Furniture for thy house? Maybe thou art simply in need of a house in general! Well sir, we are most glad to let you know that we have all that and more.

This has been a big undertaking for everyone involved, our skills range from featured creators to never having uploaded anything before. Everyone has enjoyed watching the project grow, meeting new people and learning new skills.

The Merrye Makers would like to thank a number of people for getting us here. First off is the staff of MTS. The staff were so supportive of us and it's definitely no easy matter to get 100+ things approved! There are also numerous other people who were going to participate but, for various reasons, were not able to upload with us. We would like to thank Rylandholmes, Whiterider, dramamine213, hudy777DeSign, Freshprince and Kitty Paine for their feedback and support. Thank you to SimmyRN for providing the narratives found in italitics throughout the posts. Thank you to jje1000 for the medieval world in the pictures, Praaven. Find out more about Praaven here:


Please follow the policy provided by the individual creator. Please credit the individual creator and not us as a group.

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A medieval noble's crib and two medieval cribs (one large, one small) made by Hekate999 for The Merrye Makers.

16th Jan 2012 at 3:02pm in » Miscellaneous


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