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Gangurockin' - Eyeshadow

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2010 at 12:00 PM
Hey guys, I decided to make some crazy Ganguro makeup after HP screamed "GANGUROOOO!!" in chat the other day :D

This is a two channel eyeshadow for females and males. Teen-Elder.

I tried to make it so that you could still use basic eyeliners with it if you mess with the opacity slider. You won’t be able to use plumed eyeliners because of the layering issue with multi-channel eyeshadows, but at least the basic ones that sit close to the lids will work.


You can see the effects with the eyeliner in the gallery below. I just used a basic eyeliner and a random smokey one coupled with gangurockin' at approximately 75% - 80% opacity.

Enjoy!! <3

Additional Credits:
Hair and Accessory by Anubis

The lipstick is a random lemonleaf one, I can't tell which one because I made it all white. Lol. You can find Lemon's blog here though.

The eyebrows are by Simmiller

The skin is my Silk skin.