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Simish Vice Lords Project - Gangink / PrisonTattoos

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2010 at 7:25 PM
Updated: 26th Jul 2010 at 7:56 AM

I wanted to do something new for The Sims 3, a sort of project.
I want to create everything you need to have some real street looking gangmembers in your game.

Ofcourse you can use this for your Hip-Hop Sims aswell, just think of The Game or Lil' Wayne.

I started out with the ink, which is my strongsuit, I hope that maybe some other creators wanna help out. I'd like some clothing that goes with this as well or some Bling...

And maybe some Tags/Grafitti for on your walls


It's a start.

I tried my best to make all the text in Simlish but some text inside of the Tattoos was to hard to change, or it would've looked very odd. So most of the text is Simlish.

I created for you:
2 Tattooskins as recolors of socks
I tried to make them look street, but it's hard, because most real gangtattoos look really crappy. But who ones crappy ink in his game? So let's just say that The Vice Lords have a very talented Tattoo Artist

It's an overlay recolor of socks, so it can be found at the bottem in the accessories. It's not possibly to recolor ofcourse, but you can make them slightly brighter/darker to you personal preferance. Might be needed to make the tattoos look good on lighter skintones... They Are made for darker skintones, but work on lighter as well...

I tested them and they don't stay on in the showers, I don't think a hack/mod is possible for this.... but it does stick in all other outfits, including the some of thework outfits that I've tested ...

Works for Young Adult, Adult & Elder Males!

1 Facemask
No Gangs without facial-ink
It's ofcourse reclorable, not sure why though, it only looks good in Black
Can be found here

This is my 4th Tattooskin upload for the sims3, I also have
1. Japanese Bodysuit
2. Old/Newschool bodysuit
3. Straight Edge Tattoos

If you have more ideas or suggestions for this project, speakup!
Creators you are welcome to help me with this!

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