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Color Tattoos For Females

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2010 at 7:28 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2012 at 9:25 AM
A lot of people asked for this, so how could I refuse?

Here you go, a skin with more ladylike tattoos...

It's an overlay recolor of socks, so it can be found at the bottem in the accessories.
It's not possibly to recolor ofcourse, but you can make them brighter/darker to you personal preferance. Might be needed to make the tattoos look good on lighter/darker skintones... Obviously these will not look good on very dark skintones.
I tested it and it doesn't stay on in the showers, I don't think a hack/mod is possible for this.... but it does stick in all other outfits, including the some of thework outfits that I've tested ...

Works for Young Adult, Adult & Elder Females!

  • Left upperarm has a dog with a hat on a circusball, on the inside a colorful butterfly.
  • Right forearm has an Owl with a banner that says "Mom".
    The upperArm has A horse with a rose and feathers + a lantern
  • Back piece has a mermaid looking in a mirror. (Original Artwork by Marija Asanovski)
  • Chest has two greenbirds and a Heart, the banner says Amor in Simlish
  • Belly reads FAITH with a rose
  • The legs are not inked

This is my 5th Tattooskin upload for the sims3, I also have
1. Japanese Bodysuit
2. Old/Newschool bodysuit
3. Straight Edge Tattoos
4. Simish Vice Lords - Gang Ink

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