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More Slots for EA Furniture - End Tables, Coffee Tables, Windows, Bookshelves & More

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2010 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 3rd Nov 2011 at 1:40 AM
More Slots 4 EA Furniture

Based on Lord Darcy's More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture and cmomoney's bay windows with slots (Not Just Another Bay Window and Gone with the Window), I bring you More Slots for EA Furniture!

Wasted space bugs you? Not anymore, let there be clutter!

This mod will add (more) slots to end tables, coffee tables, bay windows, desks, and other objects such as the china cabinet and the drawer from Ambitions. The latter now works as an end table and can hold functional items such as the Music Box, Fishbowl, etc.

End Tables
Added 5 slots to 4 end tables which have some space to put things on under the table.

Coffee Tables
Added slots to 3 coffee tables which have some space to put things on under the table.

Added one slot to one desk which have some space to put things on and fixed another desk's slots.

Added slots to 4 bay windows which have some space to put things on.

Note: Don't forget to download cmomoney's Not Just Another Bay Window with 18 slots and Gone with the Window with 15 slots so you have slots in all windows!


Added slots to several items which have some space to put things on under the table.

Placement Tips:
The same tips Lord Darcy gave apply for The Sims 3:
  • You must sell and re-buy objects for them to pick up the change.
  • After you place the object on the slot, press m to move objects to the next slot.

This mod edits the VPXY and RSLT resources of the objects mentioned above, and will conflict with other mods if they do the same. As it does not modify the _RIG resource, it is compatible with the 1.26 patch version.

It also modifies the OBJD, OBJK and FTPT of the Thor's Drawer for it to work as an end table; if you have a mod that modifies these resources, it'll conflict.

Note that these are not clones of the game objects but modified "default replacements" that add slots to them.

Clutter seen in the screenshots comes from cmomoney's clutter pack and Purplepaws' toy conversions.

Known Issues:
  • 3-tile diagonal windows don't have slots.

v1.0 (07/17/10): Initial release.
v1.1 (07/21/10): Added two windows and a bonsai table.
v1.2 (09/03/10): Added the Store's punk rock TV.
v1.3 (10/22/11): Added four bookcases, two coffee tables from the Store, and an end table.

Additional Credits:
  • cmomoney for his windows with slots, for letting me use them as a base for the windows included here and for his tutorial.
  • WesHowe for the MilkShape tools.
  • Lord Darcy for his More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture.
  • s3pe and S3OC developers and creators.