Missing Skill Books & Other Fixes (updated for patch 1.50)

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Uploaded 8th Jan 2010 at 9:21 PM · Updated 20th Feb 2013 at 4:44 AM by Sims MX : Updated file.

Missing Skill Books & Other Fixes

Have you noticed there are four missing skill books?

This is an XML mod that will add the four missing skill books. Two Martial Arts volumes and two Photography volumes. It will also edit Photography books so they can be bought at any destination, not only Egypt*.

Martial Arts volumes

Photography volumes

* If University Life is installed, these books will also be available on the base neighborhood.

Mixology & Inventing volumes
Additionally, it will fix the Mixology volumes, which used to have the Nectar Making textures, and the Inventing volumes, which couldn't be read by children.

2010.1.10: Release.
2010.6.17: Updated for Ambitions.
2010.11.7: Updated for Late Night.
2011.7.28: Updated for Generations; fixed Mixology books.
2011.10.18: Updated for Pets, fixed Inventing books.
2012.3.17: Updated for Showtime.
2013.1.9: Updated for patch 1.47.
2013.2.19: Updated for patch 1.50; Photography books can be bought in base neighborhood if University Life is installed.

Text and images were provided by EA. This means that the book titles will be in your language: Russian, Spanish, Italian, English, French, etc.

This mod does not require expansion packs. However, there's no need to use it if you don't have World Adventures, Ambitions, or Late Night as this unlocks/fixes books from those EPs.

Additional Credits:
EA and S3PE creators and developers.