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Curtains! Stop Snapping to that Wall!!

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2010 at 11:43 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2012 at 3:20 PM
So having curtains snap onto walls is fine, sure no problem. Makes decorating easier for the most part. Until you want to use that curtain in a not so normal way - which of course I must do! Like using it for a shower curtain. Or maybe as a doorway. Press ALT? Yes! No! Doesn't work. Turn moveObjects on? Yes! No! Doesn't work. I got very tired of demolishing walls just to get a curtain where I wanted it.

What this does...
This mod alters the OBJD resource. This allows all curtains and awnings to behave like you have the moveObjects cheat on. It still snaps to the grid like any object but no longer is forcefully snapping onto walls and adjacent walls. The ALT key to place off grid also now works for these.

Each file is labeled and there is a file for each EP plus store curtains. You MUST have the EP! This isn't going to magically make those EP or store curtains show up in your game.

WA Drape
The WA drape also needed a footprint fix to be able to place anywhere. The default behavior of this was to require the moveObjects on cheat to place over any floor furniture. This can now be placed without using cheats and the ALT key can be used to place it off grid.

AMB Awning
Using this mod will allow you to place these awnings anywhere on the lot without turning cheats on. I show it against a wall but you can now create free standing canopies using these. And again, the ALT key will work to place off grid.

Store Fix
There are two files for fixing store curtains, one is for anyone who has used Pescado's decrap tool on their store content and the other is for those have not. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you probably have NOT used s3rc.
  • HL_CurtainDefaultStore.rar - Use if you have decrappied!
  • HL_CurtainDefaultStoreORIGINAL.rar - Use if you have NOT decrappified

  • This mod will conflict with haru011 Default Replacements that remove stencils from the Mission and Bay Window curtains. Because of that I have included my own fix for removing those stencils. Mine will remove the stencil from the first preset. This is for the Curtain Mission 1 & 2 tile and the Bay Window. Be sure to delete the ones by haru011!
  • I'm not sure if this will conflict with Menaceman44's Override as I don't have that mod. However, you no longer need his since this mod will allow you to place curtains off-grid!
  • Any other mod that alters the OBJD of curtains
  • Any mod that alters the FTPT of the EA Egypt Drape

Additional Credits:
*whiterider - for enlightening me that I'm not the only one annoyed by EA's stupid curtain behaviors and their lack of foresight into how players decorate outside the box.
*Pescado - For explaining just what s3rc did and what would work for fixing the store override to work for non-s3rc users. And for making fun of me for not remembering all my DOS commands.