Mirrored Desks

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2010 at 5:22 PM
Updated: 8th Aug 2010 at 6:48 PM by leesester
What is it with all this buy mode nowadays? I'm supposed to be a window fish....

Anyway, I was making a lot in my game and I wanted a more Industrial type desk. I could not find one, so I made this.

Then I realised I wanted to put them back to back. So I made a mirrored version.

Then I wanted more slots on the desk - my desk is super cluttered - my sim desk should be too. So I added a couple of slots. Now my sim can have a lamp and a phone and pile of books on the desk.

After adding all these slots and flipping footprints and what not I did some heavy testing - mainly with kids and their pesky homework. Yes, both desks work with the homework locator; the only problem is that on the mirrored desk the tile on the left has to be empty, otherwise the kid will throw a hissy fit and put his/her homework on the floor. If you put the homework on the desk the kid does the homework.

Catalogue Location and Price:

In the catalogue with the rest of the desks, price 455 simoleons. Your sim will be delighted to have this desk as it IS a design classic (kinda).


The standard desk has two frame colours and three desktop and drawer colours. By an AMAZING coincidence (cough - pinched texture - cough) the desk top colours perfectly match the AL chairs in the pics. By an equally amazing coincidence this desk frame looks really nice and matchy-matchy with the Robot station from OFB...

IMPORTANT: the mirrored desk is REPO to the standard desk - you will need BOTH packages in game to use the mirrored desk.

EXTRA RECOLOURS I made some AL chair wood matching recolours which you can get HERE on my site leefish.nl

Polygon Counts:
Both desks
a staggering 1150 polys. Why is this so high...well, the desk top is rounded and ALL the frame pieces have chamfered edges - which looks good, but is high poly.....

Additional Credits:
SIMPE, MTS, all the tutorial writers, my GF B for making me redo ALL the pics.....

The typewriter in the picture is from GOS and you can find more detail here :http://www.modthesims.info/finds/find/256

In the big office shot its mainly Maxis stuff and a couple of items of personal CC.