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The Artist Formerly Known as Kitty Grant

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2010 at 3:18 PM

Courtney Grant, better known as "Kitty", refers to herself as "one hot geek". This indie chick's unique sense of fashion and dorky ways have cast her as an outsider with most of her cookie-cutter peers, but she's never let that stop her. Once you get past the loud floral patterns and chunky suede boots, Kitty's friendly charm will have you at ease in no time. Clumsy as ever, Kitty keeps her friends in stitches with her klutzy mishaps.

When Kitty is not with her friends strolling about in the serene beauty of the outdoors, she spends her time painting lavish landscapes or with her nose in a book.

My favorite feature about Kitty is her body shape. Like all my sims, I try to give them a unique body to complement their personalities.

Hacks Used:
-Some sort of slider hack. I use the slider hack that's part of AD85's "coremod" set found here.
-Jonha's Sliders
-Delphy's Breast Sliders
-Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4)
-Arm Sliders by pcfreak147
-Chin-to-Neck Slider by Heriet

**Kitty's face and body were altered extensively with custom sliders, without these sliders installed, the sim will *snap* out of shape whenever you try to alter her.

Kitty is one of my favorite sims so far, and she was a lot of fun to create. I think this sim has a lot of personality that's channeled through her fashion sense, which is why she's a little on the CC heavy side. Because a lot of the creator policies for the content I used vary with distribution terms, I have only included the content made by me. Everything else must be manually retrieved.

-Oh My Eyes by Escand
-Female Skin-SWV (non-default) by Subaxi

-LASHED - Lower Lashes Eyeliner by aarin

-Hair by Peggy (Free)
-Hat Conversion by TumTum
-Wayfarer Glasses by tamo
-Satin Racer Back Top All-About Style
-Skirt (Girl Summer Fashion 2010) by lemonleaf
-Leggings by Alopex
-Long Fold-Over Boots by Carrie

-Bow (Girl Summer Fashion 2010) by lemonleaf
-Hair by XM Sims
-Tights by Lili Sims

-Bandana (Girl Summer Fashion 2010) by lemonleaf
-Hair by XM Sims
-Swimsuit by Vita Sims
-Toenail Polish by Lili Sims

-Hair by Anubis360

-Hair by Rose (Free)

Custom Content by Me:
- chinese-tiger tat
- lotus tat
- shady smooth brows
- fancy fingers for the ladies

Additional Credits:
Kitty also has two tattoos, one on her neck and one on her back (see additional screenshots). Both of these are made by me and are included in the Kitty_Grant_CC.rar file.

Because she is packaged with tattoos, Kitty requires the 1.12 Base Game patch!

The floral pattern on Kitty's shirt is Spring Pattern 2 made by Similler.