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The Lunar Soda Factory - Real factory with new custom contents

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2010 at 4:16 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2013 at 2:11 AM
Hey Guys , today i will take you on a tour in my new factory " The Lunar Soda Factory " this factory consists of three floors contains fourteen rooms the first floor for the storage room,Workshop,Bathroom,Lockers room and Manger 's room.the production line ( starts from the second floor and ends in the first floor ) .the third floor is for the bed,living,kitchen and the gym so the sims can drink soda as in the real life , i hope you enjoy it .

Rooms :

- 2 storage rooms
- 4 small rooms (as they were machines )
- Workshop
- Manger 's room
- Lockers room
- Bedroom
- Living room
- Small Kitchen
- Bathroom
- Small Gym

Note : All the logos and the picture written in simlish font

The Production Line !? :

So this is the realistic part in this factory i designed this line to start in the second floor and ends in the first floor see the picture below

1. The empty bottles comes out from the First machine
2. The empty bottles fill with soda in the second machine
3. After that covering them with plastic cap
4. The last step packing them in wooden crates

Finaly we get a crates full of Lunar soda bottles Storage them in the two Storage to be transport by the cars to the shops

Testing :

Expansion Pack 3 (WA,HEL,AM) required
Saved with latest patch 4.0
Game version

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price: $311,100 (F) / $136,668 (Unf)

I Have done some testings , The cars ( in the backyard ) are for use also there are two stairs to reach the second and third floor one of them inside the factory and the other is for Emergency out side the factory in the backyard,all my new custom contents did not replace any other object also they are all unrecolorable (because the bottles are made of glass so you can not recolor them) except the wall painting has one channel you can see below.

Custom Contents Description :

I did not use any cc from out side the game except mine here Description :

- Lunar Soda Bottle empty , price ($5) found in (decor > misc decor) , polygons (224) poly
- Lunar Soda Bottle with cola only , price ($10) found in (decor > misc decor) , polygons (432) poly
- Lunar Soda full Bottle , price ($20) found in (decor > misc decor) , polygons (446) poly
- Advertisement lunar soda bottle , price ($450) found in (decor > misc decor) , polygons (446) poly
- Wooden crate , price ($50) found in (decor > misc decor) , polygons (108) poly
- Advertisement Painting , price ($175) found in (decor > wall decoration) , polygons (94) poly , one recoloreable channel see the texture fitting below.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $311,100

Custom Content by Me:
- Lunar Soda Bottle empty
- Lunar Soda Bottle with cola only
- Lunar Soda full Bottle
- Advertisement lunar soda bottle
- Advertisement Painting
- Wooden crate

Additional Credits:
*Thanks For feedback and comments
*TSR Workshop
*Paint.net, photoshop for the painting and the logo
*Milkshape For objects
*The snow world ( that i made with world tool )