Aging Mod!

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2010 at 4:30 PM
Updated: 4th Oct 2010 at 10:43 PM
For those of you who wish to have age lengths that are both realistic and playable, here is potatoehead's AgingMod! This mod has generally followed real-life age stage lengths, but with a few tweaks:
  • I have lengthened the toddler stage a bit so you can have enough time to teach them all the toddler skills.
  • The teen stage has also been lengthened (simply because I thought 6 days would be too short) and so has the YA stage (because adults are ugly).

Sims will live for a minimum of 72 days. The age lengths on normal are as follows.

Baby: 2 days
Toddler: 5 days
Child: 6 days
Teen: 9 days
YA: 20 days
Adult: 20 days
Elder: 10 days minimum - they will have a 50% chance of dying by age 82.

I have tweaked the aging year lengths, as follows. These are numbers used internally in the XML file, and they basically mean that Short is half the length of Medium, and so on.

Short: 2 days
Medium: 4 days
Normal: 6 days
Long: 12 days
Epic: 60 days

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Peter Jones for the s3pe, without which I could never have made this mod!