Fix subhood selection

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2010 at 4:01 PM
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These mods will allow you to select from a list of downtowns and shopping districts, by removing the large button which prevents the display of the entire list.

The mods will also properly display a scroll bar if there are too many universities, downtowns, shopping districts, or vacation destinations to display in the available space, so that you can easily see the entire list.


AllowMultipleDowntown requires Pets or any later EP or SP. Before Pets, the game will not properly fill the list of available Downtown areas, which means that you cannot select a Downtown area without the button. I am trying to find a way to force Nightlife and Open for Business to fill the list.

All of the mods (except AllowMultipleDowntown as noted above) are compatible with any combination of EPs and SPs, including just the base game. However, if you do not have the EP which allows you to select a particular type of subhood, then the mod will do nothing. The download contains four separate mods, so that you can select only the ones which you actually need:
- Moo_FixMultipleUniversity.package is only useful if you have University.
- Moo_AllowMultipleDowntown.package is only useful if you have Nightlife. It requires at least one EP or SP from Pets on.
- Moo_AllowMultipleShopping.package is only useful if you have Open for Business.
- Moo_FixMultipleVacation.package is only useful if you have Bon Voyage.

These mods are particularly useful for creating and using custom subhood templates, and for creating mega-hoods using the same technique:

Sharing Policy:
Please feel free to share these mods, along with a link to this thread. I especially hope that you will share these mods along with any subhood templates that you create.

Possible Conflicts:
These mods will conflict with any other mods which affect the subhood-template selection UI. To my knowledge, the only existing conflicts are with Marvin Kosh's mods which remove the Downtown and Bluewater Village buttons:,6872.0.html,9803.0.html

Additional Credits:
Quaxi and Peter and Inge Jones for SimPE:

Numenor for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to test these mods with various configurations of the game:

Marvin Kosh, for the inspiration of his two mods which will remove the Downtown and Bluewater Village buttons, but which do not properly display the scrolling lists.