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Layerable Piercing Set

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 30th Sep 2010 at 5:41 PM
Updated: 20th Nov 2010 at 9:51 PM - 8 new piercings added!
This is a set of layerable piercings available for both males and females and from teen to elder. They are assigned to all clothes categories and also to random and maternity for both genders. They are all recolorable.

They are bone assigned so they will move with your sim's eyebrows, nose or mouth.
However, the nose dots and the lip rings can be hidden if the nose is too voluminous (I'm not talking about width, length or size, these work perfectly) or if the lower lip is too thick.

Also, I didn't make piercings especially for teens and elders, they use the adult piercings so some of them might look a bit off depending on the sim features (look at the table with all the piercings shown, you'll see small differences between the ages)

You can layer up to three piercings at a time on the same sim.

- Download
- Unzip
- Do NOT copy-paste directly into your packages folder, you'll get unnecessary triples!
When you unzip the file, you will get two folders : male and female. They each have three subfolders : "As left earring", "As right earring" and "As bracelet".
You will find all eleven piercings in all of these subfolders. Pick the ones you want to be layerable from DIFFERENT subfolders.Two piercings that the game recognizes as a left earring for instance won't show up at the same time on your sim.
Your sim also won't be able to wear earrings and a piercing based on said earring.

If you can, it's better to pick your piercings in the left and right earrings folders because in CAS, the camera zooms on the accessory each time you pick it and of course, there's nothing to see on the sim's hand.

If you want a specific set of piercings, for exemple the two lip rings, a nose dot and an eyebrow ring (yes that's four piercings) to take only the place of one accessory, or even to show up with the original accessory (say, piercing set + watch) ask in a comment and I'll see what I can do for you ;D

***UPDATE - 18 nov 2010***
I have added 6 new piercings:
- middle lipring for males and females
- snake bite for males and females
- monroes, left and right, but only for females.
If someone wants monroes for males, just ask.

As for the other piercings, they were not specifically made for teens and elders so the placement can be a bit off. It's mostly noticeable for the teen monroes, there's a lot of cliping.

The new piercings are in the second archive, I did not update the original archive. The folder structure is exactly the same.

***UPDATE - 20 nov 2010***

I got a request for a custom set that included a studed snake bite and a middle lip stud so I created them for the set and here they are for everyone else in all flavors (left earring, right earring and bracelet)

Aikea guinea's multifacial piercing and WideOpenEyes's Living The Life facial piercing wich were great references for placement and vertex weights.

Polygon Counts:
Eyebrow ring 150
Nose ring 144
Nose dot 14
Septum 58
Lip ring 78
Lip circular barbell 304

Additional Credits:
Eyebrows by HystericalParoxysm

Facial skin tone by Aikea guinea

Eyes by escand