Tourniquet ~ Tongue piercing for both genders

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2010 at 2:55 AM
Hi there! This is one of my first attempts to new meshes (very, very old attempt) and as now I know how to make accessories, this piercing can see the sunlight! Or not, if your sims decide to not to open their mouths, it won't see any kind of light :P
This piercing is for both genders and for teen-to-elder, you can find them under earrings sections. Female and male piercings work separately, because male's tongue is thicker/longer, and it needed a different mesh

· All the recolors shown in this upload are included!
· This piercing has 3 channels: top ball, bottom ball, and the bar that is crossing the tongue.


PS: I hope you have fun with my sims' faces!

Polygon Counts:
LOD0-1: 160
LOD2-3: 30

Additional Credits:
Hairs by NewSea (blonde guy), XM Sims (dark skinned guy), Peggy (ginger girl), Cazy (black hair girl), and The Store (blonde girl).
Skin by Club Crimsyn
Eyes replacement by Syera

HUGE thanks to Delphy for CTU and the SimgeomEditor.
EsmeraldaF, Claeric (for his "No Camera Fade for Sims" mod), Milkshape, Gimp and Wesh.