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Torrox Build Set Recolors!

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Uploaded: 11th Oct 2010 at 12:32 AM
By request, I have applied the 20 colors of my Plasters of Paradise walls to some of the items from Moune999's awesome Torrox Southwest build set. Moune's original colors give you the classic desert/Southwest/Meditteranean colors, and with these tropical-inspired additional colors, you can have even more options. And so with Moune's gracious permission, I am uploading these additional colors, for those who might find them useful.

From the set, I have recolored the wall, found here, as well as the little stair balcony from the master objects set linked to above. You will not need to download anything for the walls to work, but for the staircase balcony (and the items slaved to it), you will obviously need Moune's meshes, which you can download at the page I linked to above and its related pages.

The stair balcony is a master object that will also recolor the functional staircase and the wall cut-outs of the Torrox set, if you have downloaded those pieces. Note that I have NOT recolored the metal part of the stair balcony at all, which is the master for the many metal bits and pieces throughout the whole set. I have only recolored the plaster parts. It seems to me that the metal colors that Moune created would be sufficient for just about any purpose, so I felt no need to add to them.

Here are the wall colors. They look a little bit different from the same colors on my original texture, probably because the texture is much more subtle:

Here is an in-game image of one of the walls on the sunny side of a lot, with pics of a couple more of the colors attached below:

Here are in-game images of each new color of the stair balcony, one of them larger so that you can see the texture:

And here's an example house, in the Grand Turk Green color with some Sunbleached Whitewash accents. There's a stair balcony tucked in there, too, just to show how the colors match. And although you can't see it too well, the window cutouts are in the green color as well, since the wall cut-outs pick up the stair balcony's colors:

The wall download includes a collection file for all 20 of the new colors, so that you can find them easily. (Note: The collection file goes in your "Collections" folder, NOT your download folder.) In addition, all packages in both downloads have been compressed to conserve file size. In both downloads, the individual packages are clearly named so that you can easily delete the colors you don't want.

I hope that you might find these useful. Big HUGE thanks to Moune999 for creating and sharing this set! It's been extremely useful to me, since I'm currently building a desert neighborhood and the style of the items in the set is perfect for that.