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Scarab Rejuvenation Bed - FIX

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2010 at 10:30 PM
Updated: 26th Jun 2012 at 3:20 PM
Scarab Rejuvenation Bed by Cunee Forms
I would just like to say...WTF EA?

This is a free store bed that comes as a Registration Reward - in the Explorer's Loot set, but the texture is a total FUBAR. Why? Cause EA couldn't link there own textures properly! Really? Really. And the store picture shows it full of fail too! There was also a stencil included in this bed, but since it's all not linked correctly you can't see it. Not that your missing much. :/ Of course the beds are still shiny, as EA thought using metal textures would look good.

What's Fixed
  • The stencil has been returned for those who like them - it is on preset 2
  • The textures are properly linked to the ones in the package - not the brass bed

Store Fix
There are two files, one is for anyone who has used Pescado's decrap tool on their store content and the other is for those have not. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you probably have NOT used s3rc.
  • HL_ExplorersLootEgyptBed_FIX.rar - Use if you have decrappified!
  • HL_ExplorersLootEgyptBed_FIX_ORIGINAL.rar - Use if you have NOT decrappified

If you unpack your sims3packs into .package files you may need to replace the original resources in your .package with mine. In my testing I was unable to get the override to work with a .package file unless I replaced the resources with those of my fixed ones. I tested this on a undecrapped sims3pack extracted using Delphy's multi Installer.

This package contains the modified OBJD and one modified IMG file (the mask) so they will override the original. You must have the original from EA!!

Credits: werismyki for helping test the non-decrapped-launcher-installed-sims3pack-with-fix.